PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 16: Jacob deGrom #48 of the New York Mets throws a pitch against the Philadelphia Phillies in the bottom of the first inning at Citizens Bank Park on September 16, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The New York Mets worst fears just came to fruition. Their ace Jacob deGrom left his start after just two innings due to a hamstring injury.

The night didn’t start out well for Jacob deGrom. The New York Mets ace didn’t strike anybody out and struggled with his command. He gutted through it for one inning, but it came back to bite him in the second.

He allowed three runs, with little help from his defense, but again only struck out one and had little command. It was clear that, although still great, this wasn’t the usual deGrom. That was the last he was seen on Wednesday night.

By the third inning, deGrom had relinquished the mound to Michael Wacha. It wasn’t until late that inning, when SNY showed footage of deGrom talking with head trainer Brian Chicklo, that Mets fans’ worst fears had been realized. Jacob deGrom has suffered an injury.

The Mets are calling deGrom’s injury a right hamstring spasm. There’s no clear indication of how long he might be out, if at all, but speculating with hamstring injuries is a fool’s errand.

They’re ticky injuries that could have deGrom out for the rest of the season or not even miss his next start. Until the Mets release more information, it would be best to exercise caution.

The one thing that is certain, Jacob deGrom chances of winning a third straight Cy Young just took a major hit. Even if he doesn’t miss a start, this poor performance could cost him in an extremely tight race.

It’s just a brutal way to potentially lose out on making history.

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