New York Yankees Jordan Montgomery
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Jordan Montgomery is not a fan of one of MLB’s rule and the New York Yankees starter is making his stance on the matter clear.

Jordan Montgomery hates the new extra innings rule and he doesn’t care who knows it. The New York Yankees starter didn’t hold back when asked about the 10th inning rule where a runner starts on second with no outs.

And god damn is he right. The vast majority of fans absolutely hate starting extra innings with a runner on second. It makes the end of the game completely predictable. Everyone but the team’s best hitters will sacrifice bunt and then all it takes is a sac fly to win the game.

It’s not shocking that pitchers especially hate this rule. Montgomery may not be directly affected by it as a starter, but it’s still a travesty. Relievers entering the game are already in deep trouble. One wild pitch from Aroldis Chapman and the opposing team will have three chances to move a runner 90 feet.

Speaking of pitchers this would affect greatly, Montgomery wasn’t the only New York Yankees pitcher to speak out. Adam Ottavino also made his thoughts on the rule abundantly clear.

Ottavino is a pitcher that will more than likely come across this situation at some point this season. And he’s right to hate the rule. With the insane movement on his pitches, he’s prone to walks and wild pitches. Starting the inning with a runner in scoring position is not an ideal way for a reliever to enter the game.

Sure, that run won’t be attributed to the pitcher entering the game. But will fans see it that way? Of course not. Fans will only see Ottavino allowing the winning run to cross the plate. Doesn’t matter if he started with the bases empty or with a man on second. The Bronx will blame him.

It’s just a stupid rule and Yankees pitchers know it. Props to Montgomery and Ottavino for speaking out on it.

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