Citi Field
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A new bidder is hoping to enter the fray on deadline day. CTRL USA CEO C.K. McWhorter is heading a group that hopes to purchase the New York Mets.

Thursday was supposed to be the deadline day. All seven of the pre-approved bidders were going to hand in their opening bids and things would proceed from there. The sale of the New York Mets hasn’t gone to plan though.

First, none of the bidders came close to the Wilpons’ $2 billion ask. Then, Steve Cohen reentered the picture and is the favorite. And now, according to Joe Pantorno of, C.K. McWhorter is heading a group that’s looking to get into the bidding late.

McWhorter, the CEO of CTRL USA, is just 30 years old. His net worth is also unknown. That hasn’t stopped him from making himself known in the bidding though. His group, which wasn’t one of the seven pre-approved bidders, is requesting to join the fray, with discussions currently ongoing.

If McWhorter’s group were to purchase the Mets, it would send shockwaves throughout the sports world. He would become one of the youngest sports owners in the world and he would be the only African-American owner in MLB.

Nonetheless, it’s unlikely that such a late bid will come out victorious. It’s more probable that McWhorter’s threat of a bid is being used to increase bids. Whether or not that will work is yet to be seen.

The most likely outcome is still Cohen outbidding everyone and walking away with the Queens-based franchise. Any other outcome would come as a major upset at this point.

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