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The New York Mets could have new owners by October, and one bidder is out in front. Harris and Blitzer are the first to put in a bid.

Thornton McEnery and Josh Kosman of the New York Post are reporting that the Wilpons want to sell the New York Mets by the end of 2020. The plan is to get opening bids in by July, close a deal by October, and have new owners ratified by December.

Harris and Blitzer have their opening bid in well before the deadline. The prominent sports owners are opening the bidding at $1.4 billion for the Mets alone. They are willing to buy the team without SNY, which would be a huge positive for the Wilpons.

The only other serious contender, known at this time, to buy the team is bid headed by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. J-Rod’s bid has gotten more serious in the last week, but they’re still $900 million short of Harris and Blitzer’s bid at this time. They’ll need to ramp up their pursuit of new investors if they want a prayer at buying the Mets.

According to McEnery and Kosman, J-Rod have one huge advantage. The couple has a strong relationship with Chase Bank. Chase is helping J-Rod find investors to help put together the strongest bid possible. Chase also happens to hold a $250 million loan that the Wilpons will have to pay in the near future.

That relationship could give J-Rod the upper hand if they can get their bid close to the Harris and Blitzer. That seems like a mountain of a task with the knowledge that’s currently available.

Don’t count out mystery bidders coming out potentially buy the team. The Reuben brothers lurk in the distance as potential buyers, though their interest seems to be in purchasing real estate and not the Mets from the Wilpons. Steve Cohen is also constantly lurking, but it’s hard to see the Wilpons doing business with him again.

It seems that Mets fans will finally have clarity on who their new owners could be soon.

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