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New York Mets draft pick Pete Crow-Armstrong’s mother, Ashley Crow, portrayed Billy Heywood’s mother in “Little Big League.”

The New York Mets took Pete Crow-Armstrong in the first round of the 2020 MLB Draft for his stellar defensive play and strong baseball IQ. His mother Ashley must’ve passed along that IQ, as she has some prior experience raising a child for the limelight of Major League Baseball.

Ashley Crow, better known as Jenny Heywood in the 1994 baseball film “Little Big League,” raised her fictitious son Billy to eventually become the manager of the Minnesota Twins after the 12-year-old inherits the team from his grandfather.

In real life, Crow’s son Pete is ready for more of an up-close and personal relationship with baseball. Rather than calling the shots for the Twins organization, Crow-Armstrong will hope to perfect his craft in the Mets’ farm system.

The Vanderbilt commit has yet to sign, but the Mets are expected to make a strong push for him. He is mainly a defensive prospect, but his offensive game has enough potential to warrant the first-round selection by New York. In his junior season, Crow-Armstrong was named Los Angeles Times Player of the Year, hitting .395 and only striking out seven times.

The baseball hierarchy in the family may be fictionalized, but the ability to handle the weight of expectations in the spotlight is not, as his father Matthew John Armstrong is an actor along with his mother.

It’s an interesting caveat to the persona of Crow-Armstrong, and big things should be expected for the outfield prospect as he looks to make his way up the ranks soon enough.