New York Mets David Stearns
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The 2020 MLB Draft is less than two weeks away. That means the rumor mill is turning and reports are the New York Mets have a type. 

ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel released his second mock draft on Tuesday. He has the New York Mets selecting Mississippi State second baseman Justin Foscue. More important then the player, McDaniel reports that he’s only heard the Mets connected to college players.

It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint when players will be selected outside the top-10 in the MLB Draft, so the player doesn’t necessarily matter here. What matters is that the Mets are honing in on a certain type of guy.

The Mets targeting college players isn’t that surprising. It only makes sense that with COVID-19 taking away the high school baseball season that the Mets would want to lean on the safer side by focusing on college players.

That doesn’t mean they’ll go away from their high-upside roots. The Mets have targeted high-upside players in each of the last two drafts. That shouldn’t change here.

Justin Foscue is a rising prospect as the draft nears. He’s a high-floor player with a high offensive ceiling. He’s drawn comparisons to former Met Jeff Kent for his offensive ability.

Foscue’s expected to hit for both solid average and solid power, which would make him one of the better offensive second basemen in MLB. He’s expected to have both average to above-average hit and power tools.

Foscue struggles defensively where his speed is a hindrance. He’s likely to be relegated to second base only due to an only average arm.

A few other names to keep an eye on are UCLA’s Garrett Mitchell, Georgia’s Cole Wilcox, Ohio State’s Dillon Dingler, Arkansas’ Casey Martin, and South Carolina’s Cameron Mldozinski. All of whom are college players with high upside and lower floors than the typical college prospect.

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