FLUSHING, NEW YORK - MARCH 26: Citi Field is empty on the scheduled date for Opening Day March 26, 2020 in Flushing, New York. Major League Baseball has postponed the start of its season due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred recently said the league is
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New York Mets social media correspondent Alyssa Rose hops on MeidasTouch to talk sports and how COVID-19 has affected her job.

Ben Meiselas of the YouTube channel MeidasTouch interviewed New York Mets social media correspondent Alyssa Rose on Monday.

Rose, who’s the daughter of Mets radio broadcaster Howie Rose, said it was impossible for her not to support the ballclub.

“I was a Mets fan before I was a baseball fan,” she said.

When asked about a memorable moment involving the Mets, she said, “Everyone can kind of pinpoint…the moment in their life when one or both of their parents became, like, superhuman to them…[mine was] June 30th, 2000. The Mets were playing the Braves, they were down a zillion…the Mets were making like a crazy comeback and [my dad] looked at me and said [Mike] Piazza on the first pitch is going to hit a home run and we’re going to win this thing. Piazza, [on the] first pitch, hit a home run.”

Meiselas said he’s a fan of one of the typical groups of New York sports teams: the Mets, New York Knicks, New York Jets, and New York Islanders. Rose said for hockey she’s 50/50 because “my dad was with the [New York] Rangers when they won the Cup in ’94, the ‘Matteau’ call arguably like really catapulted his career to a new level, but the Islanders kind of put me through college.”

She also said she’s a “huge [New York] Giants fan.” Her father says he’s a Jets fan and he loves Joe Namath, but he isn’t into football that much. She, on the other hand, loves it and her cousin, who’s a Giants fan, got her into football. Therefore, she was influenced by his preference.

With regard to COVID-19, Rose said that until MLB made an official announcement about Opening Day becoming postponed, no one “had any idea what was going on.”

“[My father is] hopeful that we’ll have baseball on July 4th. I can’t see sports coming back this year.”

When Meiselas asked her about playing with no fans in attendance, she said, “I’ll take whatever I can get.”

But what does that mean for her job?

“You’re not going to let me talk to the players, everyone has to stay away from each other, so I can’t interview anyone,” she said. “A lot of what I do is when there are celebrities at the game, I shoot content with them. No one’s going to be at the game, so I have to look at it as purely a fan, at that point.”

Rose concluded by telling everyone that during quarantine, she’s been messaging players to try to plan for when the season does finally commence.

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