New York Mets Brett Baty
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

The New York Mets don’t have one of the best farm systems in baseball, but it’s filled with high upside youngsters to look forward to. 

The New York Mets‘ farm system is often underrated due to their lack of major league ready prospects. That lack of an immediate impact prospect crushes them in system rankings, but that ignores the exciting prospects they do have.

The Mets have four incredibly young and exciting prospects on Keith Law‘s top-100 prospect list. The Athletic writer shines a spotlight on the Mets’ high-ceiling youngsters.

Shortstop Ronny Mauricio kicks things off on Law’s list as the 17th best prospect in baseball. Law loves Mauricio’s offensive upside combined with his athletic profile at shortstop. He projects Mauricio could be a 25 home run player in the future. He goes as far as to say that due to his age, only 19 this year, he could be a top-five prospect in all of baseball by 2021.

Francisco Alvarez appears next at 48. Alvarez’s lack of game time is the only reason he’s this low on the list. Law absolutely loves the catcher’s offensive upside saying, “A player who can stay back there and has this kind of average/OBP/power potential has enormous, MVP type upside.”

New York’s third-round pick from 2019, Matt Allan, lands at 92. Law thinks Allan’s off-speed pitches are what will carry him going forward. He has concerns about Allan’s fastball due to the lack of life and movement on the pitch. Still, he believes Allan could be a legitimate No. 2 starter in the future.

The group of four is rounded out by the team’s first-round pick in 2019, Brett Baty at 95. Law isn’t as high on Baty as he is on the other Mets prospects. He believes that the youngster’s strikeouts and big body will be an issue in the future. It could lead him to first base and keep him from realizing his full offensive potential.

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