Ryan Lindgren
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Tony DeAngelo always stands up for his teammates, even when the New York Rangers defenseman misses a game.

The New York Rangers dropped a hard, nasty contest to the Boston Bruins on Sunday afternoon.

On the ice, the Bruins cheap shot artist Brad Marchand was up to his usual dirty play, which should be no surprise to Blueshirt fans. He hit Ryan Lindgren from behind with a crushing crosscheck while the Rangers defenseman was engaged with another Bruin in front of Rangers goalie Alexandar Georgiev.

Marchand hit Lindgren hard enough to knock him down to the ice before he had the time to defend himself. But Rangers’ Pavel Buchnevich was there to defend Lindgren, nailing Marchand so hard with his own cross-check to the back that the Bruins’ pest’s helmet flew off as he hit the ice.

Marchand had some cowardly words for Lindgren after the game, via Joe Haggerty of NBC Sports Boston.


“He’s not going to be a player there that’s going to have a very long career,” Marchand said after the contest. “I’m not overly concerned with him.” Haggerty ended his tweet with the words, “Damn. Cold-blooded.”

Not to worry fans… the Rangers’ biggest supporter of all who wears the red, white and blue, Tony DeAngelo, stood up for Lindgren even though he was scratched from the game on Sunday.


Two simple sentences displayed the loyalty Deangelo has for his teammates and this city.

“Lindgren will be in the league for a long time actually,” DeAngelo tweeted.” Save your cold-blooded BS.”

The Rangers lost the game on Sunday, but they proved on and off the ice that they will stand up for one another no matter the opponent.

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