HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Jose Altuve #27 of the Houston Astros celebrates after defeating the New York Yankees by a score of 4-0 to win Game Seven of the American League Championship Series at Minute Maid Park on October 21, 2017 in Houston, Texas. The Houston Astros advance to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series.
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Carlos Correa was so close to regaining some respect until he dropped the most ridiculous explanation for Jose Altuve’s 2019 ALCS jersey incident.

Kelly's Comments

Per Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, Carlos Correa claims Jose Altuve didn’t want his jersey ripped off following a walk-off homer to send the Astros to the World Series due to a bad and unfinished tattoo on his collarbone.

That is quite literally the worst excuse yet.

A bad, unfinished tattoo. That’s what Altuve is thinking about rounding third on his way to the World Series? “Oh shoot, I didn’t get a chance to finish this tattoo!” That’s a really tough sell, Carlos.

Gary Sanchez said he’d be willing to go fully nude in that position, but Altuve is afraid of people seeing his tattoo?

The fact of the matter is this: the Houston Astros have zero credibility at this time. They showed a willingness to lie about the Brandon Taubman incident, despite the fact that a number of other reporters witnessed the incident. Although there were clearly witnesses and the incident was completely true, they released a public statement denying the incident occurred and calling Stephanie Apstein’s credibility into question.

Does that sound like an organization whose statements can be taken at face value?

Baseball fans will probably never know for sure whether or not the Astros were using buzzers. Unless a member of the Astros inner circle writes a memoir in 50 years, it will never be more than speculation.

Altuve’s odd behavior following his walk-off home run will always provide evidence for skeptics. The Commissioner’s report will always provide a safety net for the Astros fans.

The only thing the fans know for sure is that they can’t trust anything the Astros say and Correa’s “excuse” for Altuve is nothing but a red flag.

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