New York Mets prospect Matt Allan is one of the most exciting young pitching prospects in baseball. Even with only 10 innings to his name. 

On Thursday, both MLB Pipeline and Baseball Prospectus said that New York Mets prospect Matt Allan just missed out on being in their top 100 and 101 lists, respectively.

Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline said that Allan was the 109th prospect on his list. Considering Allan won’t turn 19 until April, that’s a huge compliment. High school prospects are usually disregarded early in their careers unless they’re top-10 picks.

It’s nothing against the prospect, just that they can be incredibly volatile. So much could go wrong at that age, including injuries, which are impossible to predict.

So Allan, who the Mets drafted in the third round, being listed so high is incredible. Allan was the highest-rated high school pitching prospect in the 2019 MLB Draft by MLB Pipeline, but he fell due to signability concerns. Those concerns proved to be unfounded.

It should come as no surprise that despite only 10 innings of professional pitching experience, MLB Pipeline likes Allan.

Baseball Prospectus likes Allan even more. According to Tim Britton of The Athletic, BP would have had him at 102 on their list if they expanded past 101.

Mets fans should be excited about Allan’s future. He’s drawn rave reviews. He’s been compared to players like prime Matt Harvey based on his raw talent alone. He has the stuff to be a future ace on the staff.

He’s expected to make his full-season debut in 2020 with the A-ball Columbia Fireflies. There’s no telling how quickly he’ll move through the system, but the current expectation is he could make his MLB debut in 2023.

That’s a long time and anything can happen in three years. Still, it’s hard not to get excited about the potential that Allan oozes.

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