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New York Mets manager Luis Rojas has a strong connection with the players in the clubhouse. Marcus Stroman is just one of the many.

One of New York Mets manager Luis Rojas’s biggest strengths is his connection to the players on the roster. He already knows them and they know him.

That connection is already being showcased by Marcus Stroman.

Stroman was only with the Mets for two months last season, but it’s clear Rojas made an impact. It’s rare for players to make such strong statements about any coaching hires publicly, so this endorsement should carry a ton of weight.

Rojas spent time managing 12 current players on the New York Mets’ roster during their minor league careers. From stars like Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil to bench players like Tomas Nido and Dom Smith, Rojas has made an impact.

All four of them spoke about their feelings on Rojas as a manager in the past. All of them gave Rojas a glowing recommendation that sounded a lot like Stroman’s.

Alonso and Smith have already voiced their love for the hire, as well.

The love the players have for Luis Rojas is real. They can’t wait to get to work with him. One huge reason for that is his ability to keep his emotions in check.

McNeil, Alonso and now Stroman have all mentioned Rojas’s emotion in their endorsements. They all called him even-keeled. That should excite Mets fans. Being even-keeled means that Rojas likely won’t let emotion drive decision making late in games.

The fact his players feel that way about him is huge. It means they trust him to keep his cool and lead them. There’s nothing quite like a locker room that completely trusts the manager. That’s what the Mets seem to have with Rojas.

Hopefully, that connection will spur the New York Mets to new heights. The 2020 season should be a lot of fun.

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