New York Yankees
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

New York Yankees prospect Jasson Dominguez has already emerged as a fan favorite. Now, he’s taking the growing hype to Twitter.

Jasson Dominguez is officially part of New York Yankees Twitter, and it’s a development that’s both exciting and terrifying.

On the bright side, Dominguez has already started to interact with fans. He seems to be enjoying his first day on the social media site, as everyone is portraying a very positive and welcoming attitude towards him.

But we all know that’s not what Yankees Twitter is really like.

All social media bets are off when the season starts, it’s that simple. Things become so intense that people begin to lose their minds. They start hurling insult after insult at players for only being really good instead of always perfect. Anonymous accounts drop trade suggestions that would see budding superstars like Gleyber Torres shipped off for rotation depth like Matthew Boyd.

Nonetheless, if Dominguez manages to stay away from any tweets calling for his involvement in a trade for a middling pitcher, having him on Twitter will be a lot of fun. His workout videos have Yankees fans going nuts. Bringing them to Twitter also makes it a lot easier for the fan base to have a real, logical discussion about Dominguez’s insane talent.

Unfortunately, it also makes it easier for the lowest common denominator of Yankees Twitter to end up in his mentions. If I were him, my first order of business would be closing my direct messages and muting as many keywords as I could.

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