Gleyber Torres
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The quickly-approaching MLB trade deadline has forced my hand. The “terrible Yankees Twitter takes” series officially returns.

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I really wasn’t planning on doing this. The last time I compiled a list of the worst takes on New York Yankees Twitter, I thought it would be the last. I thought to myself “you know what? Lets just cut this negativity out of your life.”

As my podcast cohost would say, “Twitter is a crowded room with no windows and everybody is screaming and the lights are off.”

But then, Gleyber Torres‘ name started getting thrown around in Twitter trade proposals. Subsequently, I became royally pissed off and fell down the stupid opinion rabbit hole. Therefore, “terrible Yankees Twitter takes” is officially back.

Gleyber Torres

My deep dive into the depths of stupidity began with an innocent poll put out by Gordon Damer. He wanted to gauge Twitter’s opinion on Torres’ trade value in a thin pitching market.

The results shook me to my core. Now, I don’t know where Damer falls on this poll. In my mind, he was just trying to start a conversation to check the temperature.

But 19 percent? That is an absolute absurdity. Out of the 836 votes at the time I pulled this tweet, 159 said they would consider trading Torres. That’s right, I did the math.

One-hundred and fifty-nine people would trade a 22-year-old star middle infielder for something less than a bonafide ace? Absurdity. However, the deep dive continued.

I understand where Walter is going with this, but trading a prospect two years away from the league isn’t the same as trading a two-time All-Star.

Darryl doesn’t even think Torres is enough on his own to net Luis Castillo from Cincinnati. Unbelievable.

I suggest clicking on this tweet from J B and following his logic in the decision. He thinks that Torres and top pitching prospect Deivi Garcia wouldn’t even be enough for Noah Syndergaard.

Josef is all in on Matthew Boyd for … well, I can’t think of a realistic reason.

Luckily, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has been very clear that Torres isn’t a trade option.

Zack Greinke

I want to preface this with saying that wanting Zack Greinke isn’t actually all that bad a take. He’s a great pitcher having a great year. What the following people failed to realize is that the righty wants literally zero part of New York and has a no-trade clause. The reason?

Thank you, Megan. When you breakdown the Greinke talks, you can tell that he has severe anxiety. He doesn’t want to be in a big market. He definitely doesn’t want to be in New York during a contending season where the microscope is on the starters.

However, that doesn’t stop people from failing to do any research into that whatsoever.

I understand your minds are in the right place. Greinke is a good pitcher and we want good pitchers. Just typing his name into the Twitter search bar would show you why it isn’t a possibility.

This makes no sense though. The Yankees are collecting insurance on Jacoby Ellsbury’s contract and he’s happy getting paid to be “hurt.” I wouldn’t expect any team to want to take that money on for zero return.

And now, we’ve arrived at the true bane of my existence. The fans that have “sources” and therefore have inside information. Let me make one thing very clear.

You do not have a source.

It’s truly despicable the lengths that some people will go to just for a sliver of internet attention.

Please, Paul, name your source! Is it all the fans that really want this deal to get done? Or is it all the reporters that already said the Yankees and Cleveland Indians have conversed about Trevor Bauer? Now that you mention it, I was actually just told that Wednesday’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks will start around 1:05 weather permitting.

Take this one from Andy K to the bank. Noah Syndergaard is like this close to being a Yankee. Never mind all the contrary reports that the Mets would rather trade Zack Wheeler and that they’re straight-up scared to send Noah to a team where he could flourish. Just gotta take Andy’s word that he’s taking Greg’s word on this one.

“Dumb Yankees Fan” is accurate. How about next time we wait for a blue checkmark to report this kind of news, huh buddy?

Stop this immediately. You do not know what you are talking about.

The point of all this is that there’s a reason we’re on Twitter and not MLB general managers. We don’t know 10% of what goes into these kinds of deals or how talent is evaluated. We don’t know how the money is worked out.

And just because you know the guy who delivers the mail to the Yankees sales staff doesn’t mean either one of you knows what Cashman is up to.

Lifetime ballplayer and Yankee fan. Strongly believe that the eye-test and advanced stats can be used together instead of against each other.