Spencer Dinwiddie
Noah K. Murray/AP Photo

The New York Knicks made easy work of the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday and Spencer Dinwiddie is blaming it on the eggnog.

The Brooklyn Nets were thoroughly outclassed by the New York Knicks in every facet of the game. Spencer Dinwiddie had a hard time explaining the loss, so he just blamed it on the Christmas spirit.

“Let’s go with too much eggnog,” he said via Malika Andrews of ESPN. “I don’t know what else to tell you.”

The Knicks have employed a “pack the paint” defense all season long and it was the perfect gameplan against the Nets. Brooklyn only made eight two-point field goals the entire game and couldn’t do much of anything on the interior.

“We shot 27% from the field. It’d be different if they came out here and was like really at our head,” Dinwiddie laughed. “We played really, really bad — like laughably bad, honestly.

“We’ve hard different losses on the year where I’ve stood here and been like really serious and upset. We shot really — probably historically bad, I’m assuming. I don’t know the actual numbers.”

Dinwiddie’s assessment was correct. The 26.9% field-goal percentage was the worst shooting performance for a team since January of 2012. Sure, the Nets couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, but that doesn’t mean we should overlook the way the Knicks defended.

Mitchell Robinson is a force in the paint and an everpresent deterrent at the rim. Add in the stout defensive work from Julius Randle and Marcus Morris Sr. and it becomes obvious why the Nets shot so poorly.

Dinwiddie has carved out a niche on NBA Twitter as an antagonizer of Knicks fans. The potential All-Star can laugh off this loss because his Nets are going to the playoffs and the Knicks are going nowhere, but it’s a satisfying win for Knicks fans nonetheless.

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