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Los Angeles Angels gift New York Mets a ‘trout’ for Christmas

The Los Angeles Angels got the New York Mets the best Christmas gift of all, a “trout” for Queens to enjoy. 

It’s been a crazy day of gifting and trading in MLB. Monday is MLB’s annual white elephant gift exchange. All 32 teams in the league participate and social media has been on fire all day.

The New York Mets first gifted the Cincinnatti Reds with some Big Apple swag. It wouldn’t stay in Cincinnati long, though, as the San Francisco Giants needed to get in on the action.

It took a crazy trade for the Reds to give this gift up. The full terms of the deal are complicated, so hang tight.

The Giants received the New York swag originally gifted from the Mets. The Reds received a cactus plant from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Diamondbacks received a Minnesota Twins gift basket from the Twins (originally gifted to the Mets traded to the Chicago White Sox).

In return, the White Sox got a Tomodachi from the Kansas City Royals (originally gifted to Giants and traded to the Diamondbacks).

The last piece of the puzzle was completed when the Mets caught a trout from the Los Angeles Angels (originally gifted to the White Sox).

The Angels were great sports about the whole ordeal. They had just one request from the Mets:

They don’t want our polar bear getting near their trout. One does prey on the other if you didn’t know.

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