David Fizdale
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David Fizdale understands the frustration New York Knicks fans feel right now but says the losses aren’t because the guys don’t care.

David Fizdale‘s seat is heating up as the New York Knicks are mired in an eight-game losing streak. The head coach is fielding plenty of questions on the state of the organization and the frustration of the passionate fanbase.

At practice on Saturday, Fizdale spoke specifically to the fanbase about this rough patch.

“I always understand that,” Fizdale responded when asked about fan frustration. “I empathize with the fans, but it’s definitely not because these guys don’t care. These guys, they take it home with them. It hurts them when we play games like that and they always want to come out and perform well for our fanbase.”

While Fizdale’s seat continues to heat up, the players in the locker room had his back after the 37-point blowout loss on Thursday to the Denver Nuggets.

“At the end of the day, you know, Fiz does his best for us and tries hard for us,” Marcus Morris Sr. told reporters. “At the end of the day, we’re out there playing so the only thing he can do is coach. He can’t play for us.”

Morris answered “next question” when asked if the team is worried about Fizdale taking the fall for this disappointing season. Julius Randle was also quick to back his head coach.

“We’re not putting the losses on Fiz, we’re going to take that ourselves” Randle told reporters. “Us as players we have to perform better. He can’t perform for us.”

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