Julius Randle
ESNY Graphic, Bruno Rouby

New York Knicks power forward Julius Randle absolutely posterized Philadelphia 76ers forward Norvel Pelle Friday night at MSG.

These days, the word “posterized” has become thin. The definition has turned into a broad meaning of what it held during the great days of yesteryear.

Every platform or social media fan yells to the high heavens about the latest “posterization” of an NBA player.

On Friday, however, a real posterization took place.

New York Knicks power forward Julius Randle drove down the lane to put Philadelphia 76ers forward Norvel Pelle on a poster his family members will look to avoid.

The Knicks were playing well in the contest until the road team thoroughly dominated the third quarter.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the only posterization in the game. Big man Taj Gibson also put up a semi-hammer on Sixers’ guard Ben Simmons.

This one can’t compare. While Simmons did swat at the ball, he removed his body completely from the action, unlike Pelle who was contacted and moved back.

Despite the two plays, the Knicks currently trail the Sixers, 81-79, with just under six minutes to go in regulation.