Orlando Dreamers
AP Photo/John Raoux

Pat Williams, the co-founder of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, has a new professional sports proposal cooking in the “Orlando Dreamers.”

Kelly's Comments

Pat Williams is making a push to bring a Major League Baseball team to Orlando. No, you read that correctly.

I make it a point to look out for stories like the Orlando Dreamers proposal. Stuff like this, bad twitter takes, or videos of kids doing funny stuff on the diamond are the heart and soul of my writing. I seize every opportunity I get to write about things that are this comical in nature.

The Orlando Dreamers may be the most comical of all.

Obviously, the name alone is enough to make baseball fans squirm. The Orlando Dreamers? It sounds like Williams was just perusing a list of rejected random team names in MLB The Show. How could fans take anyone playing for the Dreamers seriously? I know everything in Orlando has to be Disney related but is this really the best we can come up with?

And that’s not even the worst part. Williams wants to put the team in Orlando, Florida. As if teams located in Florida are drawing fans in droves? The Tampa Bay Rays were in the playoffs this year and I can’t recall a single time New York Yankees fans didn’t own Tropicana Field.

The state of Florida is only good for two things—alligators and obscure news headlines.

Quite possibly the worst part of the proposal is the logo.

It looks like the pin of a little league team playing a Cooperstown tournament.

The name of the team, the location of the team, and the concept art of the team all scream “don’t take this seriously.” And so, I will oblige the message, and treat the entire proposal as the laughable stunt that it is. Major League Baseball has a hard enough time drawing fans to watch a good team in Tampa. Miami is a major city but even still, they can’t draw a crowd.

Why not throw another team in Orlando just to see if we can continue the trend of nobody in the state of Florida supporting their home team?

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