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The New York Mets will reportedly let the MLB handle the sign-stealing situation regarding Carlos Beltrán and the 2017 Houston Astros.

This past week, a bombshell report came out accusing the Houston Astros of stealing signs. It includes how the alleged sign-stealing took place in 2017 when Houston won the World Series. So why could this possibly be a problem for the New York Mets? Newly-hired manager Carlos Beltrán was on that 2017 Astros team and allegedly took part in the sign-stealing process.

However, per Kevin Kernan of the New York Post, notes the Mets are waiting for MLB to finish the investigation.

“Van Wagenen and the Mets, according to those sources, wanted to make it clear to Beltran that MLB’s investigation must be completed before the Mets can do anything or react in any way,” Kernan writes. “MLB is driving the investigative process and that is why Van Wagenen said what he said on Thursday.”

However, the Mets have noted that they’ll let the MLB handle the investigation, as they believe it’s not a “Mets situation” at the moment.

“Anything that happened, happened with another organization, with Houston…I have no idea if anything did or did not [occur], but at this point, I don’t see any reason why this is a Mets situation,” general manager Brodie Van Wagenen said

The Astros, in short, were accused of using a camera in centerfield to steal signs that the opposing catcher was giving to the respective pitcher. If off-speed pitches were imminent, the Astros would then alert their batter with a “bang” sound in the dugout.

All in all, the investigation by the league must be complete before the Mets can even involve themselves in the situation. If Beltrán is found guilty of partaking in a sign-stealing process, it’s unclear what the punishment would be from the league and/or New York.

The league will interview players involved, as this could include Beltrán.

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