David Fizdale
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Firing head coach David Fizdale would be another step back for the New York Knicks as an NBA organization. 

The New York Knicks (2-8) are on their way to having another miserable season. 

With just two wins in their first 10 games, including losses to several weak opponents, there are several reports that head coach David Fizdale may be on the way out. 

Fizdale is only 10 games into his second season as Knicks head coach, but it appears the front office is already getting ready to make a change.

This would be a huge mistake.

Where's The Talent Fizdale Has To Work With?

In today’s NBA, nearly every team that reaches the playoffs has at least one-star player or at least a group of above-average players.

Since Fizdale became the head coach in 2018, the Knicks have not had one superstar on the roster and have been among the youngest teams in the NBA.

This offseason, the Knicks struck out on signing any big-name free agents and decided to use their cap space on players such as Julius Randle, Marcus Morris, Elfrid Payton, Wayne Ellington and Taj Gibson who are all role players.

Both Kevin Knox and RJ Barrett have potential, but both are not even 21 years old, meaning it will take time for them to develop into the players the Knicks hoped they’d be when they decided to draft them. 

It’s hard to blame Fizdale as he’s simply inherited a lack of talent since coming to New York. 

Who Can The Knicks Hire That Will Be Better?

Whenever a coach is fired, the question always becomes who will replace them.

With that said, who could the Knicks hire that will do a better job with the current Knicks roster or find a way to lure big-name talent to the Big Apple. 

Kentucky’s John Calipari always seems to be a name Knicks fans shout out, but he signed a lifetime contract with the Wildcats over the summer.


Former Knicks guard Mark Jackson is also a popular name often mentioned when the Knicks have an opening, but he has not been able to land a head coaching gig since he was fired by the Warriors in 2014, meaning he might not be seen as an option.

With options limited options, the Knicks are likely best off trying to win with Fizdale as he will likely become a hot commodity if let go due to the amount of respect he has around the league. 

More Organizational Turmoil

It’s hard to find a more dysfunctional organization in professional sports than the Knickerbockers. 

Since 2010 the Knicks have had six head coaches, and the last time a Knicks coach stayed with the team for more than three full seasons was Mike D’antoni (2008-2012). 

Over that time, the Knicks also have five different presidents and five general managers. Thus, stability in the Knicks organization has been non-existent.

Perhaps instead of having such a short leash, the Knicks need to stick with the parts in place and let them prove they have a plan. 

On paper, the Knicks have done well in the draft the last two seasons taking players such as Knox, Barrett and Mitchell Robinson while 2017 first-round pick Frank Ntilikina who is just 21 years old, is finally starting to play well in his third season.

Unless a team goes out and spends millions of dollars on marquee free-agents, there’s almost no chance for them to become a contender quickly. 

With the Knicks’ current regime finally seemingly making smart decisions with the draft, the team should give them the best chance to develop, and that’s by having stability at the head coaching position.