Giancarlo Stanton went full mullet in a recent video posted to Instagram, and the new hairstyle may bode very well for the New York Yankees.

Aaron Case

Move over, Theo Von. The best mullet in the entertainment world now belongs to New York Yankees outfielder/DH Giancarlo Stanton.

In an Instagram video on Friday, the slugger shared a closeup of a t-shirt with a picture of himself as a mullet-sporting child. He then tilted the camera up to reveal his matching present-day hairdo:

The mullet is obviously a wig, unless Stanton is on some kind of HGH that causes rapid hair growth. He was sporting a closely cropped cut when TMZ bugged him on his lunch break a few days ago.

Stanton could be just playing around. However, a little digging reveals there could be much more to the story.

In 2017, Stanton took to Instagram to celebrate winning the National League MVP award as a member of the Miami Marlins. The post featured a picture of Stanton as a youth baseball player, and the caption referenced his childhood haircut:

Who would’ve thought this mullet headed kid from Sunland-Tujunga was going to be MVP one day,” Stanton wrote. He ended the post with the phrase “Chasing more dreams.”

Now the mullet is back, even if it is just a wig and a picture on a shirt. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but perhaps Stanton is letting Yankees fans know that he wants to try and win another MVP, this time in the American League.

To help remind Stanton of that goal, it might be time for fans to start wearing mullet wigs to games in the Bronx. They can even repurpose the hair pieces they already wear for Aaron Judge.

Of course, the wigs will probably just end up hurled onto the field next time Stanton whiffs in a big spot.

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