Carmelo Anthony
Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony is still hoping to play again in the NBA as the former New York Knicks legend waits for the call from someone.

Carmelo Anthony is a curious case. The former New York Knicks great is still looking for a place to take his basketball talents.

No teams have come calling since his exile from the Houston Rockets one year ago. In fact, he played his final game with the Rockets on Nov. 8 2018. It’s unclear if he will ever have another chance to play, but there’s no doubting his desire to play somewhere.

“I don’t really want to get into all that, but I’m surprised, of course,” Carmelo Anthony told reporters. “It is what it is at this point. I’m sitting back waiting to see what happens. Spending time with the family right now and that’s all I can focus on and other things that I have going.”

When asked if he wants to play he said, with a smile, “2000%. Make that the headline.”

That’s about as firm as definitive as an answer he could give. Anthony still wants to play, but there don’t seem to be any teams knocking down his door. There’s a chance that a contender undergoes an injury and decides to take a chance on Melo.

However, Anthony would likely be taking on a bench role, something he’s scoffed at in the past. But with the end of his NBA career nigh, perhaps Anthony will accept a diminished role for one more chance at a title.

The 10-time All-Star spent seven seasons with the Knicks and only advanced out of the first round once. Playoff success is one of the only things to elude Melo during his long illustrious career.

Whether he ever has another chance is a mystery, but there are plenty of Knick fans who would love to see Melo have one last hoorah before he officially retires.

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