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Actor, comedian and New York sports fan Michael Rapaport responds to Kevin Durant’s previous comments on the New York Knicks.

Earlier this month, Brooklyn Nets superstar forward Kevin Durant made an appearance on Ebro in the Morning on HOT 97. During the conversation, radio host Peter Rosenberg asked if the New York Knicks were ever a consideration when making his free agency decision.

Durant said it did cross his mind at one point, but then, later on, gave his take on why big names didn’t choose New York.

Ultimately, Durant said, “The cool thing right now isn’t the Knicks.”

Now, KD isn’t receiving the friendliest response to that statement. One such response comes from none other than actor, comedian and New York sports fan Michael Rapaport.

“You got a big task in front of you — you and your flat-earth friend, Kyrie Irving — don’t worry about the New York Knicks right now,” Rapaport told TMZ.

There are numerous ways to perceive Durant’s comments and free agency choice. Brooklyn is, in fact, a trending and upbeat neighborhood, playing reason as to why Durant and Irving both moved there. But the Knicks will always be the Knicks, a team in the heart of Manhattan playing in arguably the world’s most famous arena. Rapaport favors that latter perception.

“The Knicks are always gonna be cool,” he said. “Don’t worry about us. We know our deficiencies.

“You should just be chilling in a hyperbolic chamber getting your blood spun so we can see you back on the court,” Rapaport added, referring to Durant’s ruptured Achilles that’s expected to sideline him for this entire season.

It’s kind of a late response from the actor, but, per usual, one that includes an aggressive and straightforward tone.

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