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New York Mets right-hander Marcus Stroman likes tweet regarding the New York Yankees’ decisions at the trade deadline.

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The New York Yankees are in the Americal League Championship Series battling for a chance to reach the World Series for the first time since 2009. However, we’re still talking about the trade deadline.

There are very few things in this world as painful as seeing someone that just can’t move on. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you want. It isn’t always somebody’s fault … it’s just the way it is. Everyone eventually finds a way to keep living even without the things they want the most.

Apparently, Marcus Stroman hasn’t quite reached that point.

Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay used his night off to join the rest of us common people on Twitter. Ultimately, he reiterated that there were no realistic starting pitchers on the trade market for the Yankees.

This seemingly harmless take took on a new life, however, when Kay pointed out that Stroman liked the original tweet.

Obviously, everybody knows that Stroman wanted to be traded to the Yankees. He made it very clear on social media. But ultimately, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman saw Stroman in a certain role and didn’t feel that the trade package the Toronto Blue Jays requested fit that role.

Stroman was instead traded to the lesser team of the New York City baseball world. And even though the current New York Mets right-hander’s season is over, he’s still not past the Yankees not making a deal for him.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a one-time instance. Just a few short weeks ago, Stroman posted a graphic on Twitter that came across as a revenge shot.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that I didn’t want Stroman on the Yankees. He’s a great pitcher and I truly believe that playing on a competitive team would’ve brought out the best in him. I think he would’ve been a valuable addition to the Yankees rotation, especially given how abysmal it looked the week leading up to the deadline.

Fortunately for Yankee fans, I don’t run the team.

But that’s not what this is about. This is about the fact that Stroman didn’t get traded to the Yankees, and he can’t let it go. The Mets are a shockingly interesting organization to be a part of right now. They have a great young core and a phenomenal pitching staff. As much as it pains me to say, some bullpen additions may have them in the playoffs next year.

Stroman should forget about the Yankees and enjoy playing for the Mets. He owes it to himself to make the best out of the situation. He’s close to his hometown, he plays for fans that care, and he had a solid year.

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