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Jerry Seinfeld tweets how he’s contemplating a “Seinfeld” re-boot if New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso guest appears.

Could arguably the greatest sitcom of all time be making a return? Well, the New York Mets fan and star of that specific show is certainly considering it. On Sunday night, after the Mets defeated the Atlanta Braves 7-6 in their final game of the year, Jerry Seinfeld tweeted he’s contemplating a “Seinfeld” re-boot.

However, he’ll only do it on one condition: Mets rookie first baseman Pete Alonso has to guest appear on the next episode of “The Boyfriend.”

The initial episode of “The Boyfriend” featured legendary Mets first baseman and current Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez. In the two-part episode, Jerry meets Hernandez and begins to spend time with him as friends. Hernandez also meets and goes out with Elaine as well as clears things up with Kramer and Newman in their spitgate controversy.

Could the Mets rookie slugger take the place of Hernandez and be a big TV star in the re-boot? I’m sure much of America (and all of New York) would tune it to see that. Who wouldn’t want some Jerry Seinfeld-Larry David magic one more time featuring an Alonso cameo?

Seinfeld has been known to be a huge Mets fan over the years. There are actually Mets related objects as well as references in many episodes of “Seinfeld.”

Will the famous comedian and TV star actually follow through with this current contemplation? Mets fans and Seinfeld fans (those two overlap for many people) are seriously hoping he will at some point.

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