Carmelo Anthony
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Knicks State of Mind goes off on Lance Thomas signing with the Brooklyn Nets and Carmelo Anthony’s status in free agency.

As the calendar approaches October, teams around the NBA look to fill out the edges of their roster. For the Brooklyn Nets, that meant signing a former New York Knicks swingman. However, it is Lance Thomas, not Carmelo Anthony, who will be joining the Nets.

Thomas was the longest-tenured Knick last season. The New York native is staying home despite the fact that the Knicks let him walk in free agency. He averaged 6.0 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 0.8 assists in his five seasons with the Knicks.

Thomas isn’t one to fill up the box score, but he can be a strong veteran presence in the locker room for the Nets. Thomas can still defend multiple positions and knock down the occasional three.

However, Lance Thomas signing with the Nets all but confirms that Melo won’t wind up in Brooklyn at any point this season.

Knicks State of Mind goes deep into the longest-running saga in the NBA—Melo’s free agency. The consensus seems to be that Anthony will eventually find his way to a team, but it will be a midseason move.

There’s little doubt that Melo can still score the ball. Even in his short stint with the Houston Rockets last season, he showcased his scoring prowess.

The unfortunate explanation lies in all that comes with Melo. Eventually, some team may think his talent outweighs the media scrutiny, but that’s yet to happen.

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