Boston Fans
(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Boston Red Sox fans can’t even find a way to enjoy a Zac Brown Band concert at Fenway Park without thinking about the Yankees.

Aaron Case

If you’ve ever wondered what Boston Red Sox fans are thinking at almost any given moment, ponder no more. When Zac Brown Band made an appearance at Fenway Park on Sunday, the crowd couldn’t help but break into a chant about the New York Yankees:

You may be confused, and rightly so. After all, the Yankees and country music aren’t exactly closely connected. Most people associate that music genre with things like dirt roads, cowboy boots, broken hearts, and sundry other Southern Americana.

But when Massholes gather for a good old-fashioned hoedown with Zac Brown and Co., they’re thinking of a team in a place just south of Beantown.

In fact, even when their team is in the World Series, all Sox fans can think about is their rivals in New York:

Ironically, the band featured a 27-song setlist in their Saturday performance at Fenway, per Patriot Ledger’s Jay N. Miller. That, of course, is the number of Commissioner’s Trophies the Yankees have on their shelf in the Bronx.

Maybe that’s what inspired the Saturday crowd’s bitter chant—not Zac Brown Band’s cover of Dropkick Murphys “I’m Shipping Up To Boston.”

Now, Yankees fans aren’t perfect sports, either.

They’re known to break out the “Boston sucks” chant when the moment is right. And don’t forget the classic PSA posters about keeping NYC free of Masshole refuse:

However, most Bombers fans probably wouldn’t see the point in ruining a perfectly good concert on worrying about Boston.

On behalf of diehard Yankees fans everywhere, I’d like to offer my Boston counterparts some heartfelt advice:

As Zac Brown himself said at an awards show, per CNN’s Harmeet Kaur, “Be yourself, work hard and one day, you can stand up here and tell all the haters to f*** off.”

Freelance editor and writer, and full-time Yankees fan. Originally from Monticello, NY, but now lives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.