New York Mets outfielder Jeff McNeil made an amazing catch in Thursday’s win, leaping into the netting to snag a foul ball.

Things have been going pretty well for the New York Mets lately. They’ve won seven in a row and have gone 13-5 since the MLB All-Star Game.

The team acquired Marcus Stroman at the trade deadline and only traded Jason Vargas from the major league roster. It’s been enough to lead some to wonder if this team has a legitimate shot at making the playoffs.

A big part of their team this season has been infielder-turned-outfielder Jeff McNeil, who has slashed .331/.391/.506 while playing second base, third base, and both corner outfield positions. While his batting has been impressive (he’s currently second in the NL in batting average), he’s played strong defense too.

That was on display Thursday afternoon when the Mets visited the Chicago White Sox. McNeil made a great catch down the right-field line, where he would have launched himself into the stands.

But there was a catch (pun intended).

The netting that the White Sox extended down the foul line prevented McNeil from landing hard in the stands. Instead McNeil, appropriately nicknamed the flying squirrel, expertly used the net to catch him and catapult himself back into the field of play.

Guaranteed Rate Field is the first stadium the Mets have visited that has netting extended all the way down to the foul poles, a trend that is likely to continue in a wave of fan safety initiatives across baseball.

The netting will take some getting used to for fans, but it will also keep fans safer as they won’t be anywhere near as likely to contend with 100+ MPH line drives coming at them randomly.

While fans and players alike will need to adjust to the new normal, it appears one man (or squirrel) is ready for it.

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