Aaron Judge
(Kathy Willens/AP)

Like many fans, New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge is ready for the 2019 trade deadline drama to end.

Aaron Case

Aaron Judge just issued his verdict on the July 31 MLB trade deadline. Spoiler alert: the New York Yankees slugger is not entertained by all the uncertainty.

“If it’s with this crew or if we add people, nobody knows, but I think we’re all going to be happy once this trade deadline has passed and we can continue to keep playing baseball,” the 27-year-old told MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch.

Well said, Mr. Judge. Especially in light of the fact that the Bombers are continuing a recent trend of being outbid in player acquisitions.

The ostensibly hesitant Brian Cashman has already appeared to lose out on two of the top pitchers on the market. In a slightly shocking move, the New York Mets snapped up Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays; the Cincinnati Reds surprised everyone by nabbing Trevor Bauer from the Cleveland Indians.

Either Cashman never really made a play for those guys, or MLB owners are engaging in a deep-state-style collusion against the Yanks.

This situation is a continuation of New York’s anticlimactic offseason. Widely expected to make a huge splash in free agency, the Bombers’ biggest signings came in the forms of extensions for Luis Severino and Aaron Hicks.

All signs point to bitter disappointment for fans who want the Yankees to grab an elite arm. The sooner that’s over, the better.

Now, there’s still time before the clock strikes midnight and the deadline officially passes. And there are still big-name starters available, namely Madison Bumgarner and Zack Greinke.

Despite recent reports by SNY’s Andy Martino that New York is unlikely to go hard after a starter, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. The Yankees’ rotation woes of late could provide enough desperation to loosen Cashman’s tight grip on prospects like Deivi Garcia.

Whatever happens, though, Aaron Judge is 100 percent correct. It’s time to move on from the speculation and get back to baseball in the Bronx.

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