Jeff McNeil
AP Photo/Corey Sipkin

Before the New York Mets played the Pirates on Friday, Jeff McNeil fell in love with a puppy and knew he needed to adopt her.

Jeff McNeil‘s love affair began on Friday night and he had to call his wife to let her know. No, this isn’t a scandalous story about McNeil’s private life.

Rather, this is a story about the MLB’s batting leader falling head over heels for a cute puppy. The New York Met knew immediately that he wanted to adopt, but he also knew he had to run it by his wife first.

To help his cause, McNeil belted a three-run home run into right field to give the Mets an early lead. As it turned out though, McNeil probably didn’t need a home run to bolster his case.

The McNeils are still trying to figure out a name for the newest member of the family. “Pete” is already out of the running, in case you were wondering.

If McNeil is looking for a good name for his new puppy, he could go with something Pirate-related since the Mets are currently hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citi Field.

They could go with “Clemente” in honor of Roberto Clemente. The shortened version of “Clem” is a fantastic name for any dog, boy or girl.

The McNeils will have some time to think this over as the Mets are off to Chicago next week. The couple plan to pick up little “Clem” from the shelter when the Mets return to New York next weekend.

The real question now is whether or not the newest McNeil will get along with Jeff’s 21-year-old cat.

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