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New York Mets fan inked with custom Polar Bear Pete Alonso tattoo

New York Mets fans tend to be loyal, and rookie sensation Pete Alonso is proof that some fans will go to great lengths to make it known.

Frank Curto

New York Mets fans love their team. It’s a loyalty that runs deep and goes beyond the typical fanatic.

For Mets fan JT Van Huss, he had another way to show his love for the Metropolitans. He took things to another level when he decided to endure needles to show his support.

Van Huss had his arm tattoed with a picture of “Polar Bear” Pete Alonso.

With a tweet early Wednesday morning, the Mets fans displayed his new ink, a polar bear wearing a Mets hat with a bat ready in hand. The linked piece is a replica of a T-shirt design that was made by the 7 Line Army.

Van Huss is not your regular Met fan. He hails from the Tucson, Arizona area.

“The tattoo artists name is Josh Martell. I got it done at Sacred Art here in Tucson, AZ,” the inked Mets fan said to Darren Meenan of the7Line.com. “Not my the first Mets tattoo. Almost have a full sleeve with them. I figured Pete was young and should be with the Mets for a while, and I just really liked the design.”

We hope this tattoo works out better than some of the other Mets tattoo JT already has forever inked on his body.

He also has a Matt Harvey “33” tattoo. That is a big ouch in so many different ways.

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