Todd Frazier
(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

New York Mets infielder Todd Frazier stated that he would be OK with a trade, so which teams would be interested in the “Todd Father?”  

The New York Mets have stated that they intend to wait a few more weeks before deciding to start selling off some of their assets. This means Todd Frazier will be a part of the Mets for likely until the end of the month.

Frazier’s comments about potentially being traded by the Mets this earlier week has sparked the discussion about how much value he has, and which teams could have a need for veteran bat.

The 33-year-old is many seasons past his prime years that he spent with the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox, but Frazier can still provide a boost off the bench for a contending team down the stretch.

While Frazier’s 11 home runs, 34 RBI and hitting line of .256/.335/.450/.785 doesn’t exactly jump off the page, he has been able to be an effective hitter for the Mets this season. Through 63 games this season, Frazier currently owns a .194 ISO, 111 OPS+, 111 wRC+ and a 1.3 WAR.

Frazier has also produced impressive results against contending teams in the NL this season. The two-time MLB All-Star has been outstanding this season against the Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals.

In four games against the Cubs, Frazier has hit a double, two home runs, collected four ribbies and slashed a line of .455/.538/1.091/1.629. During Frazier’s three games against the Rockies, he hit a double, a home run, drive in five and recorded a hitting line of .500/.583/.900/1.483.

Frazier hit a pair of doubles and a solo home run along with a hitting line of .353/.421/.647/1.068, during his four games against the Dodgers. He also recorded a hitting line of .368/.455/.474/.928 in his seven games against the Nationals.

These opponent-splits display just how valuable Frazier can be for a contending team who will have to compete against one of these teams during the playoffs. So based on team needs and current rosters, the Philadelphia Phillies and the  Cleveland Indians are the best-fits for Frazier.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are in desperate need for a player with some power off the bench. Frazier would provide the Phillies with an upgrade over Sean Rodriguez off the bench. The former first-round pick’s success against the other playoff contenders this season would supply the Phillies with a reliable bat off their bench.

Frazier isn’t going to garner a top-level prospect from the Phillies, but he still has the ability to land the Mets a player who has the potential to be a role player in a future season. The Phillies minor-league system is fully stocked with quality pitching prospects. Which means they would likely be more willing to part one of their low-level pitching prospects.

Manuel Silva is a pitcher that the Mets would likely be able to receive in return for Frazier. Silva is a 20-year-old who signed with the Phillies out of the Dominican Republic back in 2015. His fastball averages in the low-90s with late movement. Although, Silva still needs to refine his slider and changeup before he can reach the upper levels of the minor leagues.

Cleveland Indians

For the Indians, Frazier wouldn’t receive as many opportunities to play as he would with an NL team. But, Frazier can still be an upgrade off the bench for the Indians. Bobby Bradley hasn’t found much success in his time at the major-league level this season. Frazier would give the Indians an experienced veteran hitter off the bench for them.

Quentin Holmes is a player that the Mets would likely love to acquire in exchange for Frazier. The 19-year-old was drafted by the Indians during the second-round back in 2017. Holmes would instantly become the fastest player within the Mets system. While Holmes’ hitting tools will take significant time to develop, his defensive tools in the outfield will keep him relevant in the meantime.

The Mets will likely take their time to find the best return when they decide to listen to offers for Frazier. Even though Frazier didn’t perform exactly the way the Mets had hoped he would, Frazier was still able to enjoy playing for his hometown team for the first time in his career.