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Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala says “Nobody’s going to the Knicks” when asked about the upcoming NBA Free Agency period.

Well, it seems one NBA player is confident that the New York Knicks won’t get their way this offseason.

On Monday, Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala appeared on CNBC to promote his new book, and, of course, discuss some basketball. With the NBA Free Agency period approaching on June 30, Iguodala spoke about two of his teammates who will be free agents: Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

When asked about those two teammates, Iguodala gave an answer that Knicks fans won’t like at all.

“Nobody’s going to the Knicks, sorry,” Iguodala stated. A simple quote but nothing that really should be making Knicks fans upset. There’s still a week until free agency, New York has time to figure it all out. They have room to sign multiple max free agents this year.

New York just drafted guard RJ Barrett out of Duke. Barrett is a dynamic, six-foot-seven player who can play inside and also shoot well from the perimeter. Adding him to the roster should be a selling point in free agency.

The Knicks have a few guys in free agency they could try to sign, although haven’t gotten any closer to. Big targets include Durant, Thompson, Kyrie Irving, and Kawhi Leonard. The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly the front-runners to sign both Durant and Irving. Leonard opted out of his contract with the Toronto Raptors, however, is seriously considering re-signing with the team he just won an NBA title with.

New York could’ve pursued a trade for Anthony Davis this offseason, however, eventually backed off their trade talks. The New Orleans Pelicans apparently didn’t like the young players the Knicks could’ve offered, and the Los Angeles Lakers ended up landing Davis.

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