Lenny Dykstra
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Former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies legend Lenny Dykstra went on a crazy adventure looking for his dentures this past weekend.

When you see retired New York Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra’s name in the news, you think “uh oh.” He’s been arrested numerous times on many different charges. However, this time around, it’s a funny Dykstra story with a good ending.

This past weekend, as documented by Anthony G. Attrino of NJ.com, Dykstra and a friend, tag-team wrestler Sprinkles the Clown, we’re eating at a Jersey Mike’s in Linden, NJ. I know what you’re thinking. Of course, he has a friend who goes by the alias “Sprinkles the Clown.” That doesn’t surprise me nor should it surprise anyone who’s heard of Dykstra.

After eating at the sub place, Dykstra realized he’d forgotten his dentures there. His dentures are supposedly specially made, as he claims they’re valued at $80,000.

“The bread is so hard on those subs,” Dykstra told Attrino on Tuesday. “I took my teeth out and put them in a napkin, folded it up and forget them there.”

Dykstra was hoping to just return to the Jersey Mike’s, retrieve the dentures and be on with his day. However, that wasn’t the case.

“When I went back, the workers said they threw all the napkins in the garbage,” Dykstra said. “I told them there was no f—- way I was leaving without my f—- teeth.”

So Dykstra and Sprinkles the Clown thus searched the dumpster outside for the expensive dentures. Together, they searched for nine whole hours, as they finally found them early Sunday morning.

“I was there for nine hours. I thought the cops were going to arrest me for trespassing,” Dykstra said. “I wasn’t leaving my teeth there in the dumpster. No way was I leaving them.”

A happy ending for a bizarre story. But, when you’re Lenny Dykstra, it’s a story that’s not really surprising.

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