Yankees Uniform
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Major change is coming to the New York Yankees’ classic duds, courtesy of MLB’s switch to Nike uniforms in 2020.

Aaron Case

Beginning in 2020, Nike will be MLB’s new haberdasher, replacing long-time supplier Majestic. Part of that change is a major uniform alteration that it seems even the traditionalist New York Yankees couldn’t escape.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait until next season to see what the pinstripe makeover looks like. Paul Lukas at Uni Watch got his hands on an artist’s rendering of the Bombers’ new threads:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The Nike logo is stationed prominently on the top right, garishly marketing for the famed brand.

Nike’s audacious design just might wreak havoc among a fanbase that once struggled to accept the idea of special jerseys for players weekends. It’s not hard to imagine the Yankees Twitter reactions to the apparel giant’s temerity:

What’s the next bump we’ll hit as we slide down this slippery slope? The player’s name on the back of the jersey? Ads like teams wear in the NBA or what the rest of the world calls football?

Heck, they may as well let everyone on the roster cultivate big bushy beards and grow luscious locks halfway down their backs.

But hey, Bombers curmudgeons, there is a bit of a silver lining to this dreadful act of sacrilege. At least the new look will mesh better with Clint Frazier’s flashy footwear.

They’re a far cry from Nike’s Oregon Ducks experiments, but the new uniforms will certainly throw straight-edged Yankees fans for a loop. Or in this case, a swoosh.

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