RJ Barrett
(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

The New York Knicks are in a position to land RJ Barrett in the upcoming draft, but the Cavaliers are said to be interested in the prospect.

The big news on Friday revolves around the New York Knicks exploring a potential trade-down scenario with the Atlanta Hawks. However, they aren’t the only team intrigued by a potential trade with the Knicks. According to Joe Vardon of The Athletic, the Cleveland Cavaliers have “supreme interest” in RJ Barrett, the projected third overall pick.

“There was some speculation that the Knicks are interested in trading out at three,” Vardon said on The Fan Cleveland’s Bull & Fox. “Boy, that caught my attention because I know you were writing about the Cavs’ supreme interest in RJ Barrett, which I know to be true. … They feel they have the assets to do it.”

There is no chance the Cavaliers will have the opportunity to draft Barrett with the No. 5 pick. He’s too talented with too much potential for teams to pass up.

Vardon and the hosts discussed a Bleacher Report hypothetical involving the fifth pick, the 26th pick (via the Houston Rockets), and Collin Sexton in exchange for Barrett and Frank Ntilikina. They didn’t sound too enthused about that potential deal.

Oddly enough, the Knicks probably wouldn’t be so eager to make that deal. There’s a reason why the Cavaliers are showing “supreme interest” in Barrett—he has next-level potential.

The Knicks should think long and hard before trading down from No. 3. Unless a team absolutely blows them away with draft compensation or Anthony Davis is coming to Madison Square Garden, the Knicks should hold onto Barrett.

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