Adam Eaton
(Sarah Stier / AP Photo)

New York Mets third baseman Todd Frazier responded to Adam Eaton after the two were involved in a dust-up on Monday.

There is no love lost between Todd Frazier and Washington Nationals outfielder Adam Eaton. Although they now play for division rivals, Frazier and Eaton were once teammates with the Chicago White Sox.

The New York Mets third baseman and Eaton had to be separated in between innings on Monday.

On Tuesday, Frazier responded to comments from Eaton about the incident between innings.

“I’m walking with my head down, play’s over, I’m walking away, I can still hear him,” Eaton said via Anthony DiComo of “I’m a 30-year-old man with two kids, got a mortgage and everything. He wants to loud talk as he’s running off the field. At the end of the day, I got to be a man about it. I tried to stay patient with the childishness, but it is what it is. I got to stand up eventually.

“It’s funny,” Eaton said. “He didn’t really want to walk towards me, but as soon as someone held him back, then he was all of a sudden he was really impatient, like trying to get towards me. Just being Todd Frazier. What’s new?”

Obviously, something happened between Frazier and Eaton during their time in Chicago. Frazier wouldn’t elaborate on the past, but he did say that his old White Sox teammates would back him up.

Frazier called Eaton “immature” among other things. He also told Eaton to pay off his mortgage, a joke referring to Eaton’s postgame comments from Monday.

It’s unclear whether or not we’ll ever learn more about what went down between Frazier and Eaton in Chicago. However, the Nationals and the Mets have three more games this week so there is still the potential for fireworks.

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