Anthony Davis
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Should the New York Knicks win the lottery, a package with Zion Williamson and Kevin Knox could be dangled in a potential Anthony Davis deal.

If the New York Knicks somehow win the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery, the Zion Williamson hype train will begin. However, Williamson may never wear a Knicks jersey. According to Shams Charania of Stadium, if the Knicks secure the top pick, they could flip it along with Kevin Knox for Anthony Davis.

“The Knicks getting that No. 1 overall pick impacts the Anthony Davis potential trade talks,” Charania said. “I’m told that if the Knicks get that No. 1 overall pick, they would then shift their focus toward a potential deal for Anthony Davis. Zion Williamson with the No. 1 overall pick and potentially Kevin Knox, their prized rookie who had a stellar campaign, really started to develop over the course of a season. They could pair both of those guys in a trade for Anthony Davis and there might not be another team out there that has a better package than the Knicks if they were able to get the No. 1 overall pick.”

Obviously, trading away a talent like Williamson should not be done without some serious thought. Knox showed serious flashes of potential despite a rollercoaster rookie season. Moreover, there are reports that the New Orleans Pelicans are “gathering intel” on Knox.

There would likely need to be another young player like Dennis Smith Jr. or Frank Ntilikina added to the mix. Additionally, if the Pelicans really want more draft capital, the Knicks have a treasure trove of future picks.

It’s hard to envision any team having enough to match a package from the Knicks (should they land the top pick in the draft). The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers could put together compelling deals, but after disappointing 2018-19 seasons, both groups have seen their value diminish.

That being said, acquiring an All-NBA player like Davis would make free agent recruiting much easier. Players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would want to play alongside Davis.

“That’s where really the Knicks would shift their focus and that would arm them in free agency with Anthony Davis,” Charania continued. “All these star players, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, the list goes on and on. Most of these guys want to play with other stars, want to play on teams that compete deep and long in playoff runs. That’s exactly what Anthony Davis would give the Knicks. He would give them a guy that they could then try and sway Kevin Durant to come join that franchise.”

Tuesday, May 14, 2019, could go down in history for the Knicks. It could be the day that a dynasty began. However, it could be yet another day of misery for Knicks fans.

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