Opera Man gave the New York Knicks a little help recruiting Kevin Durant, while the superstar forward continued his playoff dominance.

The New York Knicks have made their plan abundantly clear. They are going to make a play for Kevin Durant and invite him to bring along a co-star.

New York City is rallying to lure Durant away from the Golden State Warriors. Adam Sandler, appearing on “Saturday Night Live” as the Opera Man, made his plea for Durant to come to Madison Square Garden.

“Just wait ’til Durant comes to the Knicks! Please Kevin, and bring Kyrie [Irving].”

New Yorkers are pulling out all the stops now. Sandler appearing on SNL as guest host is a pretty big deal and his Opera Man is one of his classic characters from his days on the show. Young Knicks fans might not even know who the Opera Man is.

While Sandler was making his plea, Durant was continuing his playoff dominance. Although he went cold late, he dropped 46 points in Game 3 against the Houston Rockets. The Warriors fell to the Rockets in overtime, but Durant was magnificent.

Knicks fans should enjoy this ride. Durant is putting on an absolute clinic in the playoffs thus far and he is the most dominant player on the planet. He’s averaging 35.6 points on 50/40/90 shooting splits. What he’s doing is almost unprecedented.

Although there is widespread speculation that Durant will leave Golden State for the Knicks, we still don’t know what Durant plans to do. That being said, a third-straight NBA Finals MVP would bode well for New York.

Durant may feel ready to move on after three straight seasons of dominance. The “legacy” argument may be overplayed by some, but Durant truly could cement his legacy as an all-time great if he brought a championship to Madison Square Garden.

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