Kendrick Perkins recently revealed that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are “talking a lot lately,” meaning the New York Knicks are a topic. 

Kendrick Perkins, a former 14-year NBA veteran and 2008 NBA champion, stated in an interview on Tuesday, that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, “have been talking a lot lately.”

Perkins, a journeyman of sorts back in his day, is a former teammate of both Durant and Irving. Later in the interview, on FOX Sports’ Undisputed, Perkins even said, “KD is my little brother.”

So if Perkins and Durant do share that close of a bond, it’s safe to say KD is more than likely to confide in Perkins on a somewhat regular basis. Which, for New York Knicks fans, should be pretty exciting. Because New York is currently the only team that could afford both Durant and Irving without making any major trades.

Obviously, Kendrick fails to actually say that Durant is for sure teaming up with the Celtics’ point guard in New York, but if they do want to combine their powers, the Knicks are the only feasible option.

Another story lost in this is that Perkins would be very eager to move to the big apple if this team becomes a reality. Obviously, Kendrick doesn’t have much to give on the court anymore, but hey, a locker room guy who’s close with the team’s best player wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

And realistically, there’s probably not many better options to fill that veterans minimum salary spot.