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Kevin Durant is going to be a top target of the New York Knicks this offseason, but chef Guy Fieri is prepared to step up and stop it.

Frank Curto

Hey, Chef Guy Fieri, mind your own damn business.

The good news:

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has been rumored to be considering coming to the east coast and playing for the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

The bad news:

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri doesn’t want to see Durant leave the Golden State Warriors and has made the player an offer to keep him right where he is.

“Tell me what you need,” Fieri said to Jay Willis of GQ. “If there is such thing as an inspiration dinner that I need to cook to bring all the dignitaries together—all the players, his team, his mom, you name it—well, consider that meal cooked.” Fieri added: “You tell me what I can do. Tell me how I need to flex my food muscles, and I’ll make it happen.”

I think the chef is holding a grudge against our great city. In December 2017, his Times Square restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, closed its doors. The place just didn’t do enough business to stay open in the expensive midtown area.

But to attempt to obstruct Durant from bringing his game to New York City is just wrong.

Is there no one in New York that can counter offer Fieri? Could this be the deciding factor in Durant’s decision to play at the worlds most famous arena?

Maybe we need to get some of New York’s famous chefs to counter the offer. Tom Colicchio, Masaharu Morimoto or maybe Durant is a dessert guy. How about the owner of the Milk Bar herself, Christina Tosi, make him an offer he can’t refuse?

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