Frank Ntilikina
Nick Wass/AP Photo

Recently, New York Knicks general manager Scott Perry gave insight into what he thinks Frank Ntilikina can do to improve his game.

Frank Ntilikina is coming off a disappointing season, but luckily, the New York Knicks guard still has room to grow. For one, general manager Scott Perry believes that Ntilikina has room to grow as a perimeter shooter.

“I think the one thing that he wants to work on, that we want him to work on, is to continue to grow as a perimeter shooter,” Perry told Chris Iseman of “Being able to make open three-point shots. That’s where the game is headed. And I think he will attack that this summer with a lot of vigor.”

In his second season, the young Frenchman missed nearly half the season due to a nagging groin injury. Yet, he somehow still sported even worse shooting splits than in his rookie campaign. As a rookie, Ntilikina shot 36.4% from the field, 31.8% on threes, and 72.1% from the charity stripe. And as a sophomore, 33.7% from the field, 28.7% from three, and 76.7% on free throws.

That is horrid.

For an NBA player to make under 35% of his shots, essentially makes him unplayable. No matter how stud of a defender he is, Ntilikina is basically forcing New York into playing at a disadvantage on every offensive possession.

There have also been rumors swirling the past few months that the Knicks are interested in shopping Ntilikina. But at this point, it’s unlikely that Ntilikina would bring back anything of significant value.

So Perry urging Frank to improve his jump shot could be interpreted as a way of improving his value. Perhaps all it takes in today’s social media age is a few videos of him hitting open jumpers and some NBA team will come calling. Plus, the Knicks are flushed with guards and may be looking to add another this offseason. So someone’s minutes have to give.

Developing a consistent jumper is the best thing Ntilikina can do to ensure he’s playing significant minutes somewhere next season.