Chad Green, New York Yankees
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Aaron Boone is tossing around the idea of the New York Yankees using an opener on Monday against the Detroit Tigers.

Aaron Case

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone isn’t quite ready to throw Domingo German to the wolves—or the Detroit Tigers.

On Saturday, Boone told Steven Marcus of Newsday that while German is slated to pitch starter’s innings, a reliever may precede him:

“It’s possible. We’ll see. We got to see how these days unfold. But Domingo will pitch in some way, shape or form Monday.”

If the Bombers go with a bullpen arm to start the game, Chad Green is likely to get the call. The hard-throwing righty tried it out in spring training and is not opposed to the idea.

“They never said anything to me about (opening), but just looking at what was going on, I knew that there would be a chance I could be an opener,” Green told Daily News reporter Kristie Ackert. “I am open to it. I think it’s interesting.”

Boone and his staff are apparently seeking ways to help bridge the gap to the returns of Luis Severino and CC Sabathia. The in-vogue opener strategy could be the answer.

The Tampa Bay Rays used an opener extensively in a 90-win season in 2018. It also doesn’t hurt that the Baltimore Orioles used a reliever starter to hand the Yanks a loss on Saturday.

Once New York’s rotation is back to full strength, it’s less likely that Boone will deviate from traditional pitching schemes. In early March, the second-year manager told’s Bryan Hoch as much:

“I think when we’re healthy and right, obviously I don’t see it much, but I think there are some days where you could see it.”

Staying free of injuries is much easier said than done, though. Don’t be too surprised if Green or one of his bullpen peers starts a handful of games in 2019.

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