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What other way is there to get over a trip to Syracuse than for New York Mets Twitter legend Noah Syndergaard to host his own Q&A with hilarious results?

Allison Case

They say sometimes the truth hurts. Well, Noah Syndergaard took no prisoners on his latest Twitter rampage.

The New York Mets starter had already made it clear that their trip to Syracuse was not something he wanted, so, naturally, the entire trip ended up being a disaster … and they haven’t even landed yet.

Trapped on the tarmac for over three hours, Thor did what he does best: get on Twitter and engage in hilarious banter with his loyal fans.

And boy, it’s tremendous.

It all started with an innocent tweet from the star pitcher, inviting fans to ask him anything while he was slowly dying in his first-class seat, likely sipping on expensive champagne and getting a hot stone massage.

And just like the New York Yankees chase after expensive free agents not required, followers pounced on the opportunity to be a part of Syndergaard’s next viral tweet.

They did not disappoint at all. Syndergaard was asked about everything from his favorite TV shows to whether or not he purposely threw at Chase Utley.

Translation: he definitely did.

But perhaps the greatest moment from Syndergaard’s wide-open Q&A session would be who he would choose to share a beer with between Mr. Met and Mike Francesca.

While many were expecting the answer to be “I’d give up alcohol” or “Mrs. Met, if you know what I mean,” Syndergaard went savage.

That’s it. The man has officially broken Twitter. It is gone forever. Cancel the season because this man has won the entire year.

Of course, if anyone can get away with this type of savagery, it’s Noah. Thor has a magical hold over everyone and can honestly do no wrong.

But in all seriousness, he’s probably right. We all know he would only share a beer with his buddy Jake, who he talked about numerous times on his Q&A session.

As we sit back and laugh at Noah Syndergaard and his ridiculous Twitter presence, he’s sitting back on a tarmac heading for Syracuse, NY. Who is the real winner here?

Hint: it’s the same guy who might walk away with the 2019 Cy Young Award. Sorry Jake, it’s Noah’s turn.

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