Mitchell Robinson
(Jason DeCrow/AP Photo)

This season has been an utter disaster for the New York Knicks, but Mitchell Robinson’s record-breaking play provides a silver lining.

Mitchell Robinson is one of the few reasons left to watch the hapless New York Knicks this season. “Growth” and “progress” are frustrating buzzwords to hear, but the rookie center is an example of both.

Although his offensive skill set is limited and he struggles with foul trouble, Robinson has become a dominant rim-protector in a short period of time. He’s averaging 2.4 blocks per game and has even mused about averaging twice that amount in the future.

According to Knicks PR, Robinson recently broke Patrick Ewing’s all-time Knicks rookie record for consecutive games with a blocked shot in his 29th consecutive game.

Ewing is one of the greatest Knicks of all-time and beloved by the fanbase far and wide. But there’s another record that Robinson broke on Wednesday that should bring a smile to the faces of Knicks fans everywhere.

According to Knicks PR, Robinson broke Kristaps Porzingis’ Knicks record (previously 134) for blocks by a rookie. It should give Knicks fans some measure of satisfaction to see Porzingis wiped from the history books.

Robinson is on his way towards breaking a league-wide rookie record as well. The lanky and unpolished center has recorded at least two blocks in his last 20 games. He’s chasing the legendary David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs. The Admiral had 25 straight games with multiple blocks as a rookie. Manute Bol holds the record with 45 consecutive games.

Even if Mitchell Robinson doesn’t break The Admiral’s record, the fact that he’s in the same neighborhood is a great sign for the future.

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