Pete Alonso
(Jeff Roberson / AP Photo)

Pete Alonso is a big boy and Josh Reddick found that out when he met the New York Mets first baseman’s right shoulder.

Pete Alonso’s 6-foot-2, 245-pound frame packs some serious punch. The New York Mets love his size when he’s launching baseballs into orbit, but it’s not bad when he’s playing first base either. Josh Reddick of the Houston Astros learned that the hard way.

The veteran outfielder gives up around 50 pounds to Alonso and it showed when the two met in that bone-crushing collision. It looks like Reddick tried to stop just before he reaches Alonso, but it was too late. The 32-year-old took the worst of the impact.

Luckily, Reddick was a good sport about the play and doesn’t hold anything against Alonso. The pair had some back and forth on Twitter about the ordeal and it’s clear that there are no hard feelings.

But while Alonso’s collision with Reddick is making headlines, Alonso is quietly putting together an impressive spring. He went deep to left-center field earlier in the game and slid into second with a double.

Alonso might not start the season with the Mets due to service time manipulation nonsense. But he’s clearly playing well enough to warrant a spot on the Opening Day roster.

Alonso has three home runs and six RBIs in 10 games so far. Furthermore, he’s slashing a ridiculous .414./.469/.828. If the Mets were serious about contending this season, they would ditch the service time silliness and stick Alonso at first base and put him somewhere in the middle of the order.


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