Jeff McNeil
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Jeff McNeil and Robinson Cano both went deep to right field against the Miami Marlins in Port St. Lucie on Friday.

Is it Opening Day yet?

The New York Mets are looking to come out of left field and take the National League East crown in 2019. If they’re going to accomplish that lofty feat, Jeff McNeil and Robinson Cano should play major roles.

On Friday, both players turned on pitches and pulled the ball out of the ballpark. McNeil’s home run ball landed amidst a bunch of sprawled out Mets fans. Cano’s was more towards center field.

Of course, this isn’t the real thing, but this is fantastic to watch. Consistency from McNeil would add major depth to the lineup (although Friday’s home run was of the leadoff variety).

Moreover, the Mets desperately need someone to step forth and hold down the middle of the order. Cano has a history of doing so, but his age brings its own questions. That being said, Cano’s swing is still as sweet as ever. He has one of the sweetest strokes in all of baseball and Mets fans would love to see somewhere around 25 of those in 2019.

But Friday wasn’t perfect for the Metropolitans. Righty hurler Noah Syndergaard was roughed up for four runs in four innings, three of which were earned. He also gave up two home runs, but his poor showing is partially offset by his eight strikeouts.

Of course, Opening Day is still weeks away and it’s important to keep things in perspective. Syndergaard should have the kinks worked out by then. Of course, McNeil and Cano’s blasts are good signs, but again, it’s only spring training.

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