New York Mets David Wright
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

David Wright’s tenure with the New York Mets ended in frustrating fashion. Mike Piazza has mixed emotions about watching Wright walk away.

The ending to David Wright’s career was a sad moment for New York Mets fans. There’s no sugarcoating it. Watching Wright limp off into retirement was not an easy moment for New York.

Moreover, it wasn’t easy for former Met Mike Piazza. The Hall of Fame catcher is happy for Wright that he is moving on with his life, but he can’t help but imagine what could have been.

“It’s mixed emotions for me with David,” Piazza said per Tim Healey of Newsday. “Obviously, I’m happy that he’s moving on with his life. It’s always frustrating to watch a bull go down, so to speak.

“He’s such a great guy and meant so much to the team and performed so well, and at the end it’s frustrating. You have to really do a lot of internalizing when as a player you go to hit the gas, the throttle, and it’s not there. It’s a very difficult feeling. The fact that he’s going to stay close to the organization — he’s got probably so much to give off the field as well.”

His bittersweet sendoff was completely anticlimactic. Mets fans wanted nothing more than to see Wright send one more ball fly over that wall in left field. Alas, Wright’s final game ended with a popout to first base.

That final at-bat encompasses the frustration that Piazza talks about. The average Joe won’t ever know the difficult feeling that comes when a player’s career is winding down like Piazza discusses. That being said, Mets fans certainly felt their own bit of pain and frustration at watching Wright’s career end.

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