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Mitchell Robinson will only get better for the New York Knicks, which should help in attracting top free agents this summer.

Josh Benjamin

Mitchell Robinson doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

The New York Knicks’ rookie center has very quietly had a good season, though the bare numbers may not imply it. Robinson is averaging six points, 4.4 rebounds, and two blocks per game, shooting 70.3 percent from the field. The scoring and rebounding could certainly be higher but now consider Robinson is only posting 17.6 minutes per contest.

Now let’s look at what Robinson’s per-36 minutes numbers are. Were he receiving that kind of playing time, and we’re going to ignore the 6.2 fouls per game, his numbers would be as follows: 12.2 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 4.1 blocks per game. Robinson has also posted a 1.4 VORP, or 3.8 WAR by baseball standards. That’s pretty impressive for a rookie who doesn’t start much.

Some of you are probably confused. The stats usually used to prove a point are at the beginning of the piece instead of in the middle. No, the world hasn’t been taken over by Bizarro Superman, nor has Thanos further broken the universe. Everything is fine! Step away from the fallout shelter!

The point is Mitchell Robinson is only going to get better as a player. With a potentially busy summer in free agency looming, his potential is only going to help the Knicks in that area.

Five-star Pedigree

Not many people realize just how talented Robinson is. On top of being blessed with great size at 7-foot-1, 240 pounds, he was a five-star recruit out of Louisiana’s Chalmette High School. Robinson was also a McDonald’s All-American and set to play college ball at Western Kentucky.

However, not long after arriving at school, Robinson opted to leave the program and prepare for the NBA Draft. There, New York made him a second-round pick. Next, Robinson looked strong on the Knicks’ NBA Summer League Team. He averaged 10.2 boards and four blocks a game in those five games, and there was plenty of reason to be excited.

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